Guide To Crafting A Title Page For A Biology Research Paper

For most papers and not just a biology research paper writers tend to underscore the importance of the title page. With scientific papers as biology, written papers are supposed to be clear and concise so that readers can understand. One way of doing this is to make sure the title page is clear and concise.

Glaring mistakes in the title page your biology dissertation would surely create a bad impression of your work even before your reader gets to the work itself. You can create a very good thesis, but without a good title page, readers might make a decision on your work even before they decide to read through.

Although biology papers may differ regarding their requirements, there are general formats that are acceptable across all platforms, and you should make sure your biology essay gets the best.

What is the title page?

  • The Title of your paper.
  • This is surely the most important part of your work. It is the full title of your biology dissertation or thesis. Biology just as any scientific paper should have a self-explanatory title. People in the field of biology should be able to know what is in the real work just by reading the title. They are normally centered and halfway down the page.

    You can craft your title with three styles. 1) Indicative titles - titles that indicate the paper’s content at a glance. 2) Descriptive titles- Titles that give a one-sentence summary of the entire paper and 3) Interrogatory Titles.

  • Researcher’s personal details.
  • An equally important part of the title page of your biology research paper is your personal details section. This is normally found at the bottom of the page and should contain your name, your educational institution and the submission date. Other things that are important to be added include the name of your supervisor as well as the level of your paper – thesis, dissertation or term paper.

If your paper is written by many people, then the order of the authors should be in the order of their contribution. Here, you can also include the address of the author or authors. For example, (biology department, University of Colorado).

Remember to give your title page the necessary attention it deserves to make sure that it captures readers and keep to in suspense as to what is contained in your work.

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