How To Cite A Research Paper In Bibliography – Useful Suggestions

When you write your paper, it is required that you add a bibliography section listing all the different textual resources that you have utilised in order to finish your work. This is an important step and the format holds a lot of weight and so you have to stick to it without any sort of deviations. Citing a research paper in the bibliography of your own paper means that you acknowledge that you have used the works of other for the purpose of proving your point.

Nature of the citations

When citing an existing paper in your bibliography, it is essential that there are complete citations for every single one of the published sources that have received some sort of mention in your paper. You have to bear in mind at all times that the format for these types of entries in the bibliography section tends to deviate a lot from journals and books due to the diverse nature of the information that needs to be processed and highlighted to the readers. The main type of format used for this part is fairly typical but can vary a lot depending upon the nature of the publication along with their various practices and needs.

How to state the name of the author of the paper?

  • Every single one of the entries in the citations section tends to be in the alphabetical order and is based upon the first name and then the last name of the author.

  • If the same author has been cited for more than a single paper and if they have the same order to the names, you should try making a list in the chronological order starting from the earliest year of publication.

  • You should also mention the names of the authors in the citation in the exact order.

Can you make exceptions to the rule?

If the same writer of the paper has been cited in two or even more papers that have all been published within the span of the same year, you need to place a small case letter after mentioning the year to denote the correct sequence in which they were referred to. Moreover, if there is no listing for any author in the paper, you need to make use of the word “Anonymous” in the space where the author’s name should have been.

Important tips

All the words in the title need to be capitalised as if they were in a sentence. The name of the research paper can be abbreviated. There should be no periods present in this shortened form of the name.

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