Writing A Research Paper On Social Media In The Workplace

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most talked about topic in recent times. It has now become the base of our communications; the medium through which we majorly communicate nowadays. Not only on a personal level, but social media has also taken corporate communications to a whole new level. Its original intention was to connect family and friends on a social platform. But now it has transcended its boundary and has become corporate. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and various other sites are nowadays used for fast and quirky communications. Organizations are turning to them for a more direct and formal response.

Naturally, this has become a topic to be discussed in various social spheres and institutions. Students, especially those who are in media studies have to study a lot about social media. Often they have to carry out a full-fledged dissertation paper on it. Luckily, there is no dearth of the topic if you wish to write an assignment on it. The internet is brimming with topics related to social media and communications. Let us see some of the trending themes on the subject.

Research papers on Social Media

  1. Social media and the changing workplace communications
  2. Social media and vigilance at workplace
  3. Shall there be a tab on the usages of social media at the workplace?
  4. Social media and the productivity ratio. Is social media responsible for decreased productivity?
  5. Online activities of the employees and legal risks attached to it.
  6. Use of social networking sites in hiring

These are some of the topics you can do research on.

How to write a proposal?

While writing a paper on social media, one thing you have to keep in mind is that the more study you do, the more scientific your work will be. Beef up your writing with data and statistics taken from a reliable source.

Begin your writing with a good title and a solid introduction stating your research question and aims of the work. You should be able to convince your reader why you chose this particular topic. Do intense literature review which will support your work. Read books and journals to note down the important and relevant points which will validate your work.

Write the methodology section clearly; stating what methods shall you apply for data collection and analysis, which are your sample of study and what are the limitations of your study. State clearly what the objectives of your study are, because without a proper aim your work will fall flat.

These are the ways you can write a proposal on social media.

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