Tips To Help You Organize A Research Paper Layout In The MLA Style

The MLA or Modern Language Association is one of the most common format used when writing a dissertation or a research paper. For you to write correctly your paper in this specific format, follow the following basic steps:

  • Write your paper and utilize 8.5X 11 inch or short standard white paper.
  • You could use Times New Roman or any neat and expert textual style, set the font size to 12 points , and don’t forget to set the line spacing to 2 (double-spaced).
  • Make a header with the specific number of pages in the upper right-hand corner. Follow the specific instructions from your teacher or professor.
  • The title of earlier works and the emphasis of all particular points are to be written in italics.
  • Make sure the margins are equally set to 1 on all sides.
  • MLA suggests that indenting of sections should be performed utilizing the tab key rather than the space bar.
  • All endnotes are allocated a different page before the page for the works cited.
  • The MLA research paper does not necessarily require a list of chapters or layout.

The following tips are to be strictly followed to correctly format the first page of their paper:

  • The data on the last name and page number should be persistent around the entire paper.
  • Make sure to correctly format your paper by using the standard one-inch margins for the remaining parts of your paper.
  • It is required again to use double space.
  • It is standard policy to place the title on the middle part of the top page and should be highlighted. Ask your professor for the specific style on the cover page.
  • The full name of the author and the reference to his work is written using quotation marks, following the procedure on in-text citations.
  • Formal titles, for example, Mr., Mrs., or Dr. are rejected but do not forget to incorporate the page number for the work reference.
  • It is a common practice to use the author’s surname to cite his work.
  • The name of the author not mentioned in the text is enclosed in parenthesis, with the page number.
  • It is not legitimate to abridge page numbers on a research paper
  • The proper list of sources must be followed in arranging works of more than one author.
  • The page where the work is cited should come after the general text of the paper and should observe the alphabetical order of arrangement.

This type of formatting may sound and look complicated for beginners, but with patience and constant practice, everything will just be easy once you are used to it. There’s no better way than to know that you are doing the right thing.

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