A List Of Research Paper Topics In International Economics

Students who study international economics course have plenty of different topics to choose from when they start working on their research papers. So, it may take a while to select an interesting yet manageable topic idea. You should remember the guidelines of your professor and consider using one of the suggestions below to come up with a great research topic.

Some Broad Topics for Your Research Paper in International Economics

It is recommended that you do some online research to find out what major topics you can consider. In general, international economics studies the economic interactions of different governments, business entities, and local communities. The major topics include foreign exchange, global economic issues, globalization of international trade, major trade organizations and alliances, and international finance.

You can also focus your research on a particular sector of the economy or situation in a chosen country. Some students conduct their studies about the relationship between environmental issues and economic development. Another interesting subject area is the history of modern international economic relations. No matter what subject area you choose, you will have to collect some materials, analyze them, and draw conclusions.

Some Narrow Topics for Your Assignment to Consider

You can narrow down any of the aforementioned broad topics or save your time and select something from the following list of great research paper ideas:

  1. What factors can increase a country’s growth rate?
  2. How does liberating trade in goods and services lead to higher economic growth?
  3. What geographical features can influence economic growth and people’s well-being?
  4. How do international institutions influence economic performance of developing countries?
  5. What are the key principles of cross-border economic cooperation in Europe?
  6. What is the relationship between illegal immigration and relative wages in border regions?
  7. What is the impact of outsourcing to India from the U.S. on the Indian labor market?
  8. What negative effects can liberalization have on growth in African countries?
  9. Why can poverty be considered as the root of international terrorism?
  10. What is the connection between education and economic growth in developed countries?
  11. How can small and medium enterprises use national borders to reach economic success?
  12. What are the main economic issues caused by corruption in Eastern European countries?
  13. Why is getting foreign direct investment so important for developing economies?
  14. What are the determinants of financial recession in developed countries?
  15. How can economists predict currency crashes?

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