How To Cite Long Quotes In A Research Paper – 4 Helpful Tips

While writing a research paper, it is pretty general to understand that you will be gathering a vast amount of information. It is pretty common to use quotes from artists, journals, and second hand resources as well.

We are going to discuss four very helpful tips that you can keep in your back pocket during the process of writing any of your research papers.

  • Double check your resources… always!
  • It is highly recommended that you double-check your resources in regards to using long quotes. Unless you are getting the quotes directly from the person/organization, it is vital that you thoroughly investigate that the quote is correct verbatim. The last thing that you want to do is unintentionally provide a long false quote and get called out on it.

  • Your paper format matters greatly
  • Paper formats such as MLA, APA, and Chicago all have their own specific formats and guidelines that need to be followed. It is your job to understand that those are the formats you have to follow no matter how short or long the quote is. The next factors will put all of this into a greater perspective.

  • Word count matters in regards to long quotes
  • As stated earlier, different formats have different stipulations when it comes to attributing quotes. Generally, the rule of thumb that many writers can go by is that any quote over 15 words needs to be in a block quote. The reasons for a block quote is to completely separate the quote from the body of writing, so the two are separate, yet comprehensible.

  • Avoid plagiarism at all times
  • After putting all of the latter tips together, we end at the most important factor of them all. If you do not properly cite a long quote accordingly, once sites such as Copyspace check it, the quote(s) can come up as plagiarized. The worst case that you as a student want to be put in is unintentionally plagiarizing a quote because of a minor mistake.

Writing research papers is a thing that students will have to endure in school no matter what. Research papers require extensive information and most of the time it is not opinion-based intelligence that you need; it is the material that already exists. With this in mind, you have to properly cite quotes properly for the sake of your grade and most importantly your own betterment as a writer.

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