Guide On How To Write A Research Paper About Depression

Writing a research paper about depression, you should select a particular aspect of the issue, organize it in the way that allows your readers to study your work selectively, and format the document in a proper manner. There are variations on how to structure your assignment and what style to use. Either way, you should follow the requirements provided by your academic advisor first. Use the following guidelines to get complete your writing with ease.

How to Compose a Decent Depression Research Paper

  1. Create a title page.
  2. It makes sense to get an example of a title page from your professor and format your own one similarly. You need to come up with an informative title and remember to include your name and date of submission.

  3. Write an abstract last.
  4. After your paper is completed, you’ll be able to compose an abstract without a hitch. Remember that this piece of writing should contain 150-200 words and all the necessary elements.

  5. Limit your introduction.
  6. In the introduction, you need to provide the readers with some background information about depression and explain your objectives in a clear manner. However, keep it brief and don’t exceed a two-page limit.

  7. Explain the methods used.
  8. This section should be as concise as possible yet contain enough information so that other scholars could replicate your study and get the same outcomes.

  9. Describe your results effectively.
  10. You should point the reader to the most relevant findings and describe them in detail. Make sure to mention the output of control experiments if any, and convert data in the form of a graph or table where appropriate.

  11. Discuss your outcomes.
  12. This section should interpret your results and support your conclusions. You should use the evidence from your study to justify the significance and reliability of your research. It’s necessary to ensure that you analyze your data in appropriate depth.

What Mistakes to Avoid in Your Writing

  • Providing a heading at the bottom of a page with the following text on the next page; insert a page break instead.
  • Telling the story in your “Methods” section or writing a set of instructions; rather, report the methodology and generalize what was done.
  • Including raw data in the “Results” section; it’s important to summarize your findings and illustrate them.
  • Documenting some sources of your information and data; you’re required to cite all the materials that you consulted, including websites, videos, and data sets.
  • Submitting the work which is incomplete; a research paper should be finished and your conclusions should be based on the obtained results.

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