Where To Search For A Properly Written Research Paper Sample

Acquiring a perfect research paper sample is not as easy as you think. Although one finds thousands of research paper online, many are not really good research papers. Some are samples written by different people and one doesn’t know if they are legitimate. A lot of websites give you a sample then offer you the research paper only if you pay. These research papers however have no seal of approval. They are at times not even academic. Those are actually not real research papers but one that are written to provide a sample to students. Many students have copied from these samples and gotten bad grades as the material was not up to the standards. Your supervisor is obviously expecting something academic and substantial from you. In the doctoral level, you are not supposed to submit low quality papers. If you are looking for some legitimate approved research paper to refer to, here are some sources where you can obtain them.


Your university is bound to have their personal archive. All universities that offer a doctoral course have an archive. If you are looking for some good quality research papers you should definitely look up the archives of your college. The archives are basically where all the past research papers submitted by students of that university are preserved. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest sources of good quality research papers. You do not have to pay any money and you get easy access to the archives. The papers that are in the archive have all been approved and graded by supervisors. They are completely reliable sources of reference. Further by referring to the material in the archive, you get an idea of the kind of work your university likes. Most people refer to archives for sample research papers. You might even find one related to your topic.

Online resource

Instead of looking up the sample research papers that you find on the random sites, search specifically for research papers that have been approved. The web contains many research papers that have been written by notable people on a variety of subjects. You can search for research papers written on your subject too. They are perfect examples and are accurate and approved. The genuine ones will have an authorized stamp of the university. They serve as excellent reference material. In scholar.google, all you get are research papers or citation to research papers that are published for public use.

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