An Expert Guide On How To Go Live On TikTok To Pull Your Followers

An Expert Guide On How To Go Live On TikTok To Pull Your Followers

Are you going to go live on TikTok? Then, you can come to the right place. Start to go live on TikTok because it is an ideal platform to improve your engagement rate and reach among new audiences on the platform. TikTok content has different features of BTS videos, Q&As sessions, or advertising products. There are several chances through TikTok live features for your business profiles. Below we will outline everything you should know about TikTok’s go live.

Best Ways To Go Live On TikTok Using Step-By-Step Guide

Now, it is the right time to begin your TikTok live streaming sessions! So, start to get started, follow these simple steps:

  • Start to access, select the LIVE feature from the navigation bar at the bottom of the TikTok screen.
  • Next, select an image and write a compelling title for your TikTok live session.
  • Next, click on GO LIVE, where your followers will now see a notification that you are going live on TikTok.
  • Finally, after the live stream exit, click on the X at the top-left corner of the TikTok screen to end the recording.

Pro Tip: Once you start your live on TikTok, flip the camera by adding effects, filter comments, and even include moderators up to 20. If you want to engage your viewers on TikTok, then start to make use of TikViral that gains more visibility and generates more exposure for your TikTok live.

10 Best Methods To Go Live On TikTok

Here, look at the content tactics of TikTok that offers a list of tricks to consider while making your TikTok live methods:

Plan Your Time Slot: Start your live session when your audience stays active and engaging on the platform. Your best try at landing on TikTok For You Page is streaming live when audiences are online and scrolling.

Focus On Length Of Time: Live sessions range between 60 minutes, but TikTok suggests a sweet spot of 30-seconds.

Try To Stay Active: Post a video before the TikTok live stream. Then, users can look at your video during the live broadcast; a particular button will display that allows them to enter your stream straightly within the win-win strategy.

Top-Quality Lighting: Good lighting can create a subtle yet the most different quality for your video. When you set up your TikTok live, you can record in a well-lit area with original lighting or even consider using a ring light.

Make A Trending Sounds: Set background noise to some of your TikTok live, so make sure to stream from a quiet location so users can hear you without any distractions.

Check Internet Connections: A stable internet connection is a vital factor in hosting a successful stream. So, try to spend the best and make sure to test before you start your live sessions on TikTok.

Try Different Camera Angles: More movement can make your TikTok post shaky and dizzy while starting your TikTok live sessions, so recognize a stable position for your phone or camera. Even lock it in a constant place for the time of your TikTok live.

Engage Your Followers: The suitable method of a TikTok LIVE is communicating among your followers in real-time. Always look at the chat and react to the comments, requests, or questions to associate with your audiences.

Start To Plan Your Strategy: If you don’t have a script, start your TikTok streaming with a more vital plan for your live to stay consistent. For example, take up the hint cards or map out talking points to keep your profile on track.

Moderate Your Live On TikTok: TikTok creator has got the best option to filter comments, mute audiences from commenting, and block someone from entering your live streaming session if they plan to work.

Effective Tricks To Start Your TikTok Live To Pull Followers

Do you want to build up your TikTok profile using Live content? Are you trying to grab the attention of the audience? If so, buy TikTok views for your TikTok profile that skyrockets your engagement rate for your TikTok Live sessions.

Start With Social Media Challenge

On TikTok, social media challenges have the potential to make and connect with more than regular content. So do you want to know why you should make it online? In 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge expanded worldwide as it serves as an excellent plan for audiences to become entertained. In addition, there are several TikTok challenges where you can experiment with so many options to choose the one you like to participate in the social media challenges.

For example, here is the Flip, the Switch challenge with celebrities like Alex Rodriguez, posted on the singer’s official profile page of TikTok. If the potential goals are to entertain the viewers and make several funny and engaging content, these TikTok challenges expand the visibility on the internet. Also, you can motivate your followers to associate with the challenge using specially branded hashtags. Thus, it boosts up the TikTok profile’s visibility on social media platforms.

Start Your Q&A Sessions

With your audience’s expansion, your TikTok profile should become fascinating for your fan followers. It is why you can incredibly boost up the number of fan following by making an online meeting up with the audience. Also, share some thoughts about the particular issues by starting up the questions with real-time management. As a result, you can become closer with your followers and develop loyal relationships with your audience.

Display Behind The Scenes

Besides, try to make unique or engaging content not generally posted on the TikTok profile using TikTok live streaming post. It is an ideal option for generating leads on TikTok that improves your audience growth. For example, offer some insights into how you must make your TikTok content with funny video clips displayed during the video-making video-making methods. Thus, in this manner, you can achieve by the following factors on TikTok:

  • It supports your audience to discover a little more about you.
  • It builds up trust.
  • BTS gets people fascinated by your content.

Also, start allowing your audience to look a little deeper into your life schedule. You can significantly shorten the time among your content posting and always fascinate the audience about the prospective videos.


In a nutshell, going to TikTok live can be an ideal method to increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and even help to drive sales conversions. But more significantly, TikViral lets you connect with your TikTok community and engage with them on a closer edge. Thus, go live on TikTok and improve your views with massive engagement rates.