What You Need To Know About A Biography Research Paper Graphic Organizer?

In order to compose a winning research paper, you should be able to convince your audience by simply ensuring that you source out your content from various reliable places such as books and from online sites. Each of these papers should therefore have a bibliography which is majorly a citation of these writing resources. If you have never organized it before, simply adhere to the following important rules:

  • Compose the title of the resource material
  • Whether you want to list the site from which you sourced out your information or a textbook, you have to ensure that you write the full title. Always avert from writing shortened forms of titles because when people search for them, they will definitely not be able to access them or rather, they will access an inappropriate information.

  • Writing the author’s name
  • For most of t books, you will find out that they been crafted by several authors. However, the way you write them depends on your specified writing style. For instance, some styles demand that all the authors need to be put down. Others demand that only the name of the first author should be written and then for the others, their names should be represented by “Et al.” Therefore, first understand which style you are using. In some few cases, more than a single book or site can be written by only a single author. Here, you should consider writing the author’s full names for the first citation and then only the first name for the succeeding ones.

  • The publisher and the year
  • It is important to mention the name of the particular publisher in your bibliography and the year in which the resource was published or revised. Similarly, you have to specify the year of publication so that those who will be reading will not be misguided.

  • Use numbers to list
  • You should compose your bibliography in a paragraph manner. Consider listing the resources and number them effectively so that the reader can appropriately distinguish one book from the other. In case you do not know how to do this, you should first read samples.

  • Give the edition and the page
  • For effective citation, it is important to give the book’s edition so that in case there is any other similar book, one can effectively differentiate the two. The edition simply shows the number of times the book has been revised and therefore, people prefer the latest editions because they contain the most reliable information.

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